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Nunzi's Golf Outing

Join us for a day full of fun, Raffles,
On-Course Tastings, Hole-in-One
Prizes, a Silent Auction
and so much more!

Net proceeds benefit the
Michael Magro Foundation

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About Us

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Nunzi: Family… Friends… Food… Drinks…  In this particular order, that’s what mattered most to him in this world. When chatting he would occasionally reference “those were the Good Ole Days”, and if you think about it, we never actually realize when we are in those special days or moments. And boy did he also talk about and stress the importance of “Traditions”. He often said…. “When I pass they’ll be no more traditions in this family”.  Well here at Nunzis we plan on keeping his traditions alive. You will eat with us, drink with us and laugh with us. Families and Friends all enjoying delicious food, fine drinks, good music and making memories. For those of you that never got a chance to meet “Nunzi”, these were the memories that he lived for and the nights we know he never wanted to end. 

Grandpa, we know you’re watching us, and want you to know that we will create more memories and will now claim that, “These Are the Good Ole Days”.


Written by, Vincent Napolitano Jr and Mia LoCastro (grandchildren)

On-Course Activities

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Thank You to ALL Our Sponsors!

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